NERC Alert System Upgrade Coming

February 2, 2023


On February 2, 2023, NERC announced that the NERC Alert System is being completely updated. Actions on the part of all NERC Alert System Users will be necessary to ensure access to the new system.

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Please see the below NERC email regarding an upcoming major update to the NERC Alert System. If you have a NERC Alert Login, we highly encourage you to log on to the current system and make a note of your current password as you will need it to log on to the new system for the first time.

Prior to the rollout (which is expected to be in the 3rd week of February), you will also need to install the Microsoft Authenticator App to your mobile device. NERC will be sending out more detailed instructions before the official rollout.

NERC Email Text:

Hello NERC Alert System User,

In the next few weeks, the NERC Alert System will be undergoing a major upgrade. Among the new items to look for include:

Refreshed User Interface – expect to see an upgraded user interface featuring more streamlined functionality

Multi-Factor Authentication – the login process will require a mobile device with the Microsoft Authenticator App installed

We are tentatively planning to roll out the new system in the 3rd week of February. Watch out for emails with instructions on logging into and using the new system.

Please treat all emails and instructions related to the NERC Alert system as confidential and restricted to users of the system.

Please contact with any questions or comments about the upgrade.

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